Techniques a PI Uses to Catch a Cheater

Chicago investigator surveillance techniquesAccording to statistics and not just surveys, upwards of 40% of married couples face admitted or discovered infidelity during the marriage. If you’re on the loyal side of the relationship, you may need to call in the pros to get the verification you really need. After all, emotions can often cause extra problems when attempting to gather essential evidence. Fortunately, the right PI can catch a cheater without all the unnecessary emotional baggage weighing them down. But what techniques do they use to discover the truth that’s been hidden from you for so long?

Lists, Maps, and GPS

A PI will need to get details from the client regarding the target’s common or known hangouts or daily locations. These can and should include the target’s workplace, residence, commonly visited friends or family, favorite bars, restaurants, and other locations. The investigator will use this information to preplan and visit those locations before diving into the investigation. Maps and GPS systems will be used and set to ensure the PI is somewhat familiar with the area prior to surveillance and GPS data will later be downloaded to prove tracking details.

Surface and Deep Dive Research

A competent PI uses the internet like a multi-faceted tool to perform soft surface and deep-dive research on the target. Soft research involves scanning social media sites and public search engines to get an overall sense of the target’s lifestyle and personality traits. Then the investigator or team will go further. They’ll opt for professional legal databases and search engines such as Tracers, IRB, and SkipSmasher; as well as professional apps and other online tools available for niche legal professionals. These tools allow the PI to run professional background checks, uncover financial transactions and records, see phone records and extra bank accounts, and verify details of a hidden life or lifestyle.

Target Tailing

An experienced PI knows how to tail a target and how to do so without being made. They’ll use ordinary or nondescript vehicles such as a minivan or common sedan in the area to be easily forgotten shortly after being seen. Their goal is to blend in and be able to tail and track while virtually remaining invisible. Larger vehicles will be used when more recording surveillance equipment is required.

Tech Surveillance

Your smartphone likely has an impressive video display for basic life and socializing needs. But when it comes to capturing the high-quality visual and audio content, a good PI invests in the newest high-tech surveillance equipment to avoid any graininess or vocal static. High-tech equipment also allows the pros to film in inclement weather or at a greater distance without losing the quality that can prove their findings to their clients and even be admitted as court evidence if needed.

Detailed Documentation

All investigator surveillance techniques must be documented on the PI’s end, not just for the client but also for court. The investigator will take detailed notes of all discoveries, including dates, locations, times, and specific facts that may be relative to the individual case. It’s common for the evidence collected to be used in divorce or custody cases, so notes and documentation are essential. Give ASG Investigations in Chicago a call when you’re ready to catch a cheater, or at least get the answers you deserve.