5 Mistakes Private Investigators Make During Background Investigations

Tmistakes private investigators makehere are countless reasons for running a background check, ranging from trying to locate adoption records to updating performance records on employees. And there are also hundreds of background check companies available online to pull up basic information. Most businesses focus on common and popular sites like AccurateNow, BeenVerified, Checkr, GoodHire, HireRight, Intelius, and PeopleFinder. While those are fine for general information, background investigations may require deeper digging to find specific information not found in free or publicly offered background sites. And in those cases, the right private investigator can be a dream come true. However, private investigators are human and therefore prone to human error. So what are some mistakes private investigators make during background investigations?

Relying on the Wrong Databases

Private investigators use a combination of public and private databases solely available to legal-based authorities, professionals, and agencies. However, all computer sites are vulnerable to bugs and errors. One of the worst mistakes during background checks is relying on the wrong databases and not verifying the information with other databases.

Failing to Multisource

PI’s also have access to free and paid services that go beyond the information found in popular databases or those that focus on specific criteria. A competent investigation must contain multiple sources of information to cross-reference and repeat identical findings so there are no hiccoughs or missing links. Failing to multisource is a red flag for any professional investigator since finding the correct information is such a crucial requirement.


Cutting and Pasting Information

Over 5 billion people use the internet or approximately 63% of the global population. Even toddlers know how to use Google nowadays. Basically, anyone can access a search engine, and cut and paste information into a document or spreadsheet themselves. If a client is paying for professional investigation services, they expect professional results. There are always legitimate ways to cut corners if time and money are issues in an investigation. But cutting and pasting information from sources is a red flag, and it’s completely unprofessional.

Lacking Analysis

Professional investigators are experienced in legal terminology and often recite or repeat details verbatim that are found in their databases. While that may work fine for those in similar legal fields or legal industries, most clients require more analysis. Employers are always concerned about potential criminal activity with their employees or potential hires. But instead of simply saying criminal activity occurred, diving into the details of the activity can be far more helpful. The same is true for any major case, whether it’s a custodial issue, divorce case, bankruptcy petition, or even workplace fraud.

Giving Opinions

Everyone has opinions, and even a private investigator isn’t immune to those on a personal end. But their job is to present the facts to their clients without personal opinions clouding the results. At no point should a professional investigator write or disclose any personal views that may affect the outcome of the investigation. If that occurs, you need a more professional PI. Give us a call when you’re ready to have your background investigations handled without the extra headaches.