Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator in Child Custody Cases

private investigator in child custody casesAccording to the U.S. Census, approximately 25% of American children (19 million) live in single-family households. Courts focus on the best outcome and parenting solution for the children when it comes to custodial cases. And in situations where the parents can’t agree to a reasonable solution, custody averages in favor of the mother 65% of the time compared to 35% of the time for the father. Of course, there are many issues and concerns that factor into the final decision. And that absolutely does not But why should you consider hiring a private investigator in child custody cases?

Obtain and Interview Witnesses

The courts prioritize the safety and security of children at all costs when it comes to legal custody decisions. Anyone actively present and consistent in your children’s lives can be a crucial piece of evidence for the final outcome. Interviews and testimonials are pivotal, so a private investigator may obtain and source interviews from babysitters, counselors, family members and grandparents, neighbors, pastors, parents of friends, teachers, or any number of other adults.

Run Background Checks and Confirm Criminal Activity

Parents often move on or include other people in their lives before custody is awarded. The right background checks can easily find potentially dangerous or concerning issues regarding those new additions. Background checks can also find and confirm criminal or problematic behaviors of one of both of the parents. Online background checks that anyone can access may not be enough to prove or negate safety concerns to the court. Fortunately, private investigators have access to special databases and legal resources not available to the general public.

Prove Harmful or Neglectful Behavior

According to statistics, 2019 saw the lowest numbers of child mistreatment and neglect cases in a five-year period. However, one child is still abused in the U.S. every 48 seconds, and approximately every two minutes, a child is ripped from their home and placed into foster care. Primary causes of child abuse include parental alcoholism and substance abuse, and abusers can be pathological liars who are unexpectedly good at covering their tracks. Even if red flags and safety concerns don’t show up on background checks, a private investigator in child custody cases can uncover and prove harmful and neglectful behavior via other sources and evidence.

Find and Verify Hidden Assets

Financial care of children is the responsibility of both parents. Unfortunately, many parents attempt to shirk off their duties after their romantic relationship ends and even hide assets so they “can’t” be expected to contribute more than they claim they’re able. Fortunately, a private investigator can find any hidden assets proving otherwise so that the child or children can have their financial needs and expectations met easier by the custodial parent.

Confirm and Compare Lifestyle and Stability

Final custodial mandates are based on what the court feels is the best solution for a child at the time of the decision. Many factors are weighed and processed, and the lifestyle and stability of each parent are strictly scrutinized for security and safety concerns. Get a head start on securing your family’s future by giving us a call to connect to the best Chicago private investigator in child custody cases for your specific needs.