Private Investigation and Child Custody

Divorce and  child custodyDivorce and separation are hard enough without adding child custody issues to the mix. Depending on your situation, concerns for your children’s welfare and future can send already extreme stress levels soaring to DEFCON 1. Family courts always focus on the best possible needs of the children, regardless of parental pleas. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to tilt the outcome in your favor. A child custody investigator can do wonders to help you in your time of need. But why should you consider private investigation for child custody concerns?

Verify Mental or Physical Parental Condition

Judges are critical of parents or potential guardians and rightly so. One in four adults in America are physically disabled and one in five adults have some type of medically recognized mental illness. Most situations can be easily treated, but many cases go undiagnosed and ignored. The courts will always prioritize the safety and welfare of the children, so proving health impairments can tip the custody arrangements in your favor.

Prove History of Parental Abuse or Neglect

Approximately 1 in 7 children experiences some form of abuse or neglect on an annual basis. Oftentimes, the non-abusive parent either ignores the signs or has also been abused and is too scared to stop it. No parent wants to be put on the hot seat for such behavior, so lies or omissions are common during custody hearings. However, the court needs to know the truth to ensure the best situation for the kids.

Get Necessary Proof of Each Parent’s Home Environment

Home condition is also a critical concern in child custody hearings. Each parent will be expected to prove their home is properly set up, safe, and secure enough for the child’s daily living needs. The parents will be expected to have ample space, keep the home clean, remove or secure potentially dangerous items or chemicals, and keep it free of pests and mold. You may not be able to get proof on your own that your ex isn’t meeting those expectations, but the right child custody investigator can.

Verify Availability or Lack Thereof as a Primary Custodial Parent

There are four main types of custody arrangements. However, courts are usually willing to review and accept unique shared arrangements for parents determined to compromise for the sake of their children. Many parents claim they have the time and availability to commit to their children’s needs and yet fail miserably when their own lives take precedence. A child custody investigator can prove just how much time the parent spends at work, play, and elsewhere.

Confirm Any Relevant or Potentially Dangerous Secrets

The fact that you married someone doesn’t guarantee you know everything about their past or whether they’re harboring potentially dangerous secrets or habits. If you’re committed to keeping your children safe, you need to know for sure that both parents can do just that. Running the right background check can confirm illegal activities, addictive behaviors, prior convictions, and even a history of speeding tickets that can prove your ex isn’t as squeaky clean as they claim. Contact a Chicago private investigator to get the info you need to help win your custody case.