Do You Need a Private Investigator to Catch a Cheating Partner

catch a cheating partner with a private investigator

According to the most recent General Social Survey results, approximately 20% of men and 13% of women admit they’ve had affairs outside of their relationships. Of course, that doesn’t cover the millions of partners who rely on their instinct or intuition, with no type of verbal admittance or accountability on their partner’s part. Other studies show the power of intuition and medically prove that up to 85% of women who have a gut feeling their partner is cheating are right. Of course, knowing and being able to catch a cheating partner are two different things. Here are some reasons you should hire a private investigator to know for sure. 

Experience Factor 

You could go through your partner’s pockets and phone records and even follow them from work. But a court of law could easily throw out half of the information presented because of illegal gathering. A good private investigator has years of experience and know-how backing them up, and they exactly how to gather and get essential information legally. This is especially important in divorce, custody, and fraud cases.

Private Investigators Are Licensed and Insured 

Almost every U.S. state has specific licensing requirements for private investigators. Fully insured private investigators can avoid extra costs associated with case needs. They know how to avoid common pitfalls and errors that can lead to serious mistakes or expensive counter suits. If you try to catch a cheating partner on your own, you might get injured or cause property damage. And that would be your sole financial responsibility.

Professional Surveillance 

Professional investigators have access to the highest tech equipment to perform professional surveillance while being completely disclosed and maintaining proper distance. They know how to find cheating spouses or partners even without having to track their tech devices. And they know all the tricks cheaters play to avoid being caught. The PI or investigations team can track the cheater 24/7 if necessary to get the required information. 

Impartiality Benefits  

Adultery often causes extreme grief, judgement, and unclear thinking in the betrayed partner. Extreme emotions and feelings are completely normal, but they may lead to irrational thoughts and behaviors. It’s hard to find the truth and make essential life decisions when your emotions are erratic. A professional private investigator will understand your pain and distress. But they’ll also remain impartial on the job and work with precision so they can get the answers you deserve. 

A Private Investigator Can Travel If Needed 

There are many reasons most people can’t just drop everything and go on a road trip on a dime. Kids, family, finances, school, work, and other life requirements can keep you fixed indefinitely. However, a cheating partner may have other priorities in mind and have no issue making excused for a discreet rendezvous in another location. Travel isn’t an issue for a professional PI, and that’s one of the top reasons you should hire a private investigator. Remember, the goal is to find the truth. We’re up to the challenge so you can focus on other issues.